Exploited College Girls – Andi Rose Part 2

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Andi Rose – 23 Years Old – Part 2 Hardcore

They are well worth it and things get right to the action after we pick Andi up from her hotel. This girl likes her sex and isn’t afraid to get right to business and start sucking Jake off then gets dicked properly as a good warm up before the hotel sex. Again we broke up the Car, hotel BTS and post shower interview into Part 1 and the Hotel sex into Part 2. You’re welcome. Now I can go on and on about how sexual and hot the sex is in these scenes. I could describe just how over sexed Andi is and tell of how she’s a squirter, squirting 31 times once with her man in one fuck session. Or maybe how she’s a swinger and picks up girls on tinder or goes to swinging parties. Unicorn anyone? But really you just have to watch how fucking hot this scenes is and hope that Andi swipes right the next time she sees you on her favorite sex app.


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