Beauty Angels – Aurora B, Roxy Sky, Kira Stone & Camille


Aurora B, Roxy Sky, Kira Stone & Camille – Christmas party orgasms
Released: December 24, 2020

Many people believe that when four gorgeous, sexy, and hot girlfriends come together to celebrate something, they talk about fashion, men, their hobbies, and cooking. Hey, maybe some girls spend time talking about those things but when stunning Aurora, Roxy Sky, Kira Stone, and Camille meet, they prefer to do something really spicy. They enjoy tasty food and drinks and then get rid of their outfits to admire the beauty of their naked bodies under the New Year tree and to test some of Santa’s special gifts. Four naughty, best girlfriends do not stop till all of them are satisfied and ready to celebrate the upcoming year.Trailer

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